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Health article nightmare February 22, 2007

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This week saw me begin undertaking the task of Health Correspondent for the UCE news website and what a week it has been.

With all the sites given to me to go onto and look for inspiration for original story ideas, I thought I would have no problem finding something I could use. However it turned out to be the exact opposite.

Being advised to look more specifically than just at blogs on health in general, I tried looking for Doctors or Nurses blogs to see what they had to offer.

Well apart from the fact that the majority were not even related to what I needed, they didn’t offer alot really. I found it quite a tedious task searching through hundreds of blogs, especially not finding what I needed, but it gave me an insight into the sorts of things you will have to do to get an original story.

Being completely honest, I could have spent more time looking and maybe I would have found something, but it got to a point where I just gave up. Luckily for me I already had a back up idea, which is the one I produced in the end.

This, I feel for a first attempt is OK, however, I will definately need to improve and research more in order to progress. If the story had not have been right on my doorstep then I would of had to, but as it was, I did not as the majority of my information was there for me already.

Looking ahead to future stories I know what to expect in the searching for a story and researching it and I will definately leave myself plenty of time to do it.

Lets just say, this has been a real eye opener.


2 Responses to “Health article nightmare”

  1. paulbradshaw Says:

    What blogs and sites did you find, though? Why not give some links and let us know what their strengths and weaknesses were? How did you find them? Etc.

  2. zpuek Says:

    Good site!!!

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