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Football to help health service! March 11, 2007

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My last story was great to write as it combined two areas I am very interested in, Sport and Health.

For those who have not read it, it is about how Premiership footballers are being encouraged to give up a days wages and donate to a fund for Nurses. See at

This story is an interesting one, and although there has been something in the media already about it, I have managed to re produce it with a local slant to it.

I researched into what footballers have signed up to it and found that an Aston Villa player had, so I was able to use this to localise the story., Also, there is a quote from the founder, Noreena on her site that states about workmen in Birmingham getting paid more than nurses, so that helped to localise it as well.

This was a great story to produce and hopefully, if more local players sign up to help this fund, then there will be room to report on the progress of the campaign.

Did not really have any problems with producing this, as when I began my research I found how I could put a local slant on it immediately which helped.

It will good to see how this campaign progresses and if the localised article helps. Anyone out there, who can encourage people to get involved then please do, it will make a difference.

I will keep you up to date on here with how the campaign goes, any major goings on though, I will report on the news site.


The NHS Blog Doctor March 8, 2007

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Have you read yesterdays article on the news site? I really feel that this is my best article yet. I found a brilliant blog from a doctor :

This links to the section I used to get my article from, but there are lots of other blog entries to look at as well.

The article I produced is original and something from the background of health, rather then something already splashed all over the news. It is also a very informativ article and goes into alot of detail about the situation to do with the training scheme.

Once I had found this blog and picked this as my idea, I decided to do some futher research into the aspect of Deaneries and the MTAS, so that I could give readers the chance to undertsand what they were and how they worked.

I found some useful sites about these to help with the facts :

These sites helped me to understand what these terms meant, and also it enabled me to be able to be more explanatory in my article to help engage the reader and help them understand.

Although this is not an article that effetcs everybody and is not something hitting the front pages, I felt it was important to give people the chance to see what sorts of things go on behind the scenes.

We all know about the cash problems etc within the hospitals, but have not seen anything to do with the process the NHS go through to employ staff, so I thought this would be good and it was about the West Midlands in particluar.

Overall I am pleased with this story and feel it is my best contribution yet. I hope you all agree! Let me know what you think please.

See you soon x


March 7, 2007

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Sorry about the belated post about my progess, this relates to  the story I wrote on Sunday.

After the fiasco of  in trying to find an original story from bloggs and other sources, this time I was slightly more successful.

I found a very small clipping in a national newspaper on the maggots being re-introduced. It was only a small piece but it grabbed my attention and thought it would be useful for me to write a piece on this.  I did not have much to go on from the artcile, just the basic facts about the MPs voting for it, so I began my research into this method of healing to gain some background information.

It was really interesting to find out about how it used to be used and the succeses of it. I found this website inparticularly helpful.

This was great to get background information about the maggot method and I realised how useful it will be for me in the future for other health stories and issues.

 I also wanted to see if I could find anything that proved that it worked, so I searched and I found this site, that explains how a women had the maggot dressings used on her wound and it healed very quickly.

Although I had all this information, I somehow needed to localise it to Birmingham. So my initial thought was as it was going to happen within the NHS, relate it to Heartlands hospital and other hospitals around Birmingham. I did manage to do this, but I also managed to get a quote from a student nurse based in Birmingham who has been learning about it from University and also on work placements in Birmingham hospitals. So I used this to help localise it aswell.

I also decided I would write a sports story for the site as well as a health story. Being the health correspondent for the site I should try to keep focused on health issues, however I am a huge sports fan and felt it would benefit me to produce a sports story to gain some experience in writing for that area.

I realised that the Sports correspondent had not written an important story on the success of a Birmingham athlete at the European championships. I felt I should write it, in order for it to be up to date news still.

I informed the editor to ensure it was ok to move away from my corresponded area and he agreed to it.

I did however, encounter some problems with this though, as I found a royalty free image to use, but it was the wrong size for the site, however on my computer I cannot change the size, so I had to leave it as it was as I could not find another suitable one.

I will change it tomorrow though as I don’t want to let anyone down and we are still chasing the awards!!!!!

I am pleased with how this week went and am gaining confidence in writing for the web and using blogs and other sources to help find original material.

Lets see how it goes next week though, don’t want to get ahead of myself.