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The NHS Blog Doctor March 8, 2007

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Have you read yesterdays article on the news site? I really feel that this is my best article yet. I found a brilliant blog from a doctor :

This links to the section I used to get my article from, but there are lots of other blog entries to look at as well.

The article I produced is original and something from the background of health, rather then something already splashed all over the news. It is also a very informativ article and goes into alot of detail about the situation to do with the training scheme.

Once I had found this blog and picked this as my idea, I decided to do some futher research into the aspect of Deaneries and the MTAS, so that I could give readers the chance to undertsand what they were and how they worked.

I found some useful sites about these to help with the facts :

These sites helped me to understand what these terms meant, and also it enabled me to be able to be more explanatory in my article to help engage the reader and help them understand.

Although this is not an article that effetcs everybody and is not something hitting the front pages, I felt it was important to give people the chance to see what sorts of things go on behind the scenes.

We all know about the cash problems etc within the hospitals, but have not seen anything to do with the process the NHS go through to employ staff, so I thought this would be good and it was about the West Midlands in particluar.

Overall I am pleased with this story and feel it is my best contribution yet. I hope you all agree! Let me know what you think please.

See you soon x


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