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Football to help health service! March 11, 2007

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My last story was great to write as it combined two areas I am very interested in, Sport and Health.

For those who have not read it, it is about how Premiership footballers are being encouraged to give up a days wages and donate to a fund for Nurses. See at

This story is an interesting one, and although there has been something in the media already about it, I have managed to re produce it with a local slant to it.

I researched into what footballers have signed up to it and found that an Aston Villa player had, so I was able to use this to localise the story., Also, there is a quote from the founder, Noreena on her site that states about workmen in Birmingham getting paid more than nurses, so that helped to localise it as well.

This was a great story to produce and hopefully, if more local players sign up to help this fund, then there will be room to report on the progress of the campaign.

Did not really have any problems with producing this, as when I began my research I found how I could put a local slant on it immediately which helped.

It will good to see how this campaign progresses and if the localised article helps. Anyone out there, who can encourage people to get involved then please do, it will make a difference.

I will keep you up to date on here with how the campaign goes, any major goings on though, I will report on the news site.


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