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It’s been a while April 13, 2007

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Havn’t blooged for a while, sorry. Have been enjoying my Easter Eggs too much!

Just completed another story, which is an original one about an NHS Dentist Surgery.  See at – I got this story as I am a patient at the surgery so recieved a letter about what is going to be happening and managed to speak to a member of staff about it.

Although it is not something that is going to affect everyone locally, it is going to have an affect on the hundreds of patients that go there.

It is something that adds to what is going on alot around the area as it is very hard to find an NHS dentist now, well where I live anyway, so this helps to show the continuation of the NHS’ problem.

The majority of dental surgeries have now gone private, there are about 8 that I have found that still offer NHS treatment and are still taking on NHS patients, with the nearest one being in Selly Oak. With being in Solihull, that is abit of a treck just to go for a check up.

Was good to do this story as it effects me directly and the majority of my family, and also it is something that is constantly going on and that the majority of us will come across at some point and highlights the problems around us.


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